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Submission Guidelines

Here’s what I’d love to represent:

Quality fiction. While I do read more frequently in some genres, my book love is very eclectic. If you’ve put hard work into the craft of writing and you have an amazing book, query me! Quality is more important than genre. 

I represent these genres but I am also not limited to these genres:

Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Historical Mystery, Romance, Literary, Women’s Fiction, Southern Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, Speculative, Inspirational, Thriller.

The following list is just to give you an idea of some of the things that pique my interest. I’m a fan of: 

*stories set in the British Isles, Europe, or exotic locations

*Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian romance (also contemporary and other eras too!)

*Romance that shows the thrill of early love and/or the hard work needed to sustain it

*archaeology / artifacts / history’s mysteries

*stories set in castles, manor houses, or quaint villages

*stories with a Gothic flair / dark academia

*Byronic heroes

*redemption stories / stories that give hope or courage

*stories of faith / faith-based / or questions of faith

*stories that feature thin places and sacred spaces / God encounters / supernatural encounters

*stories that explore biblical themes without being preachy (ex. Charles Martin books)

*Appalachian stories / mountain culture

*cultures we don’t hear about a lot

*folklore / cryptids / legends / fairy tales

*time travel

*books about books / libraries

*fantasy, sci-fi, speculative in almost all the forms

*atmospheric writing / lyrical or literary voice / personification / metaphor

*characters who are writers, artists, or have a unique profession

*wholesome / heartwarming / hilarious

*happy endings

*endings that make me think

*unusual protagonists / sympathetic villains

*stories that explore deep emotion

*stories that make me FEEL

*stories that tell me what it means to be human

*anything imaginative or witty!

As you’re thinking about how to describe your book in a query, here’s a helpful website about genres: 

Some advice on the writing journey:

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You can send me a query through Query Manager at

*I make every effort to respond to queries as quickly as possible, but I do receive a large amount. If you haven’t heard back from me in 8 weeks, it’s most likely a pass.

*I’m not the best fit for stories that feature child kidnappings, slasher horror, blood magic, witches as main characters, vampires as main characters, or sports romance.