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My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m looking for books that remind me of what it was like to be enveloped by a story when I was a kid. I’m looking for authors who have the ability to give me a visual experience, whether it’s through good prose, lively characters, stunning scenery, or actual illustrations.

I’m particularly on the lookout for exceptional author-illustrators for MG and YA.

A few books that hooked me on reading when I was a kid: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Fablehaven, The Giver, Hatchet, Flipped, Eragon, Ender’s Game, and others. My tastes have evolved since then, and even though some of these books are better than others, there was something about all of them that drew me in and made me love them at the time. And that’s what I want to see: something appealing that will draw me (/children) into a book and make me (/them) love it.

I want authors who have put in the time (read: blood, sweat, and tears) learning how to write well. This means that if you’re trying to get me to read the first book you’ve ever written, I’ll likely pass on it. Most authors spend years honing their craft before selling their first book. Also, on that note, please don’t send me a first draft. Take your time and polish your work before submitting it.

If you think your book is the right fit for me, I really look forward to reading about it!


Fun facts about me:

In college I was in a Wizard Rock (Wrock) band called Percy and the Prefects. Yes, we made up songs about Harry Potter and other various characters. I played the role of Cedric Diggory. And no, I am not at all ashamed of this.

I also make video games in my spare time, and write a little on the side as well.

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