Becca Stumpf

Prospect Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m currently looking for Young Adult and Middle Grade literary and commercial fiction, especially contemporary YA and MG stories that push boundaries, challenge assumptions, feature diverse protagonists and life circumstances, and go beyond girl-meets-boy to explore a broader view of life and human relationships. We absolutely need diverse books! My YA and Middle Grade wish list includes contemporary, literary fiction, spine-tingling mysteries/thrillers (historical or contemporary), character-driven fantasy and science fiction with big, fully-realized worlds, and the occasional horror story.

In Adult fiction, I’m looking for beautifully written novels that blur the line between literary and commercial, mysteries that chill and charm, fast-paced literary thrillers, and character-driven SciFi and Fantasy novels with broad appeal. I’m also interested in seeing smart, spicy romance novels. I love intricate plots that balance drama, wit, and intrigue in equal parts, as well as stories that explore the lives of anti-heroes and fringe-dwellers, or the unexpected depth and complexities of the “normal” day-to-day.

Submission Guidelines

We request a query letter, first three chapters, and a brief synopsis, uploaded through the Prospect Agency website.


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