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Ariana Philips began at JVNLA as an intern in 2011 and joined the agency full-time in the summer of 2012. She is actively building her client list while also handling audio, permissions, and electronic rights for the agency.

She loves to find new talent and work with her clients to develop strong proposals and manuscripts. She enjoys being the author’s advocate, business manager, and trusted confidante. Her personal agenting philosophy is to take on an author for the duration of their career and help guide them through the ever-changing publishing landscape.

Ariana is seeking fiction and nonfiction for all age groups. In adult fiction, she is interested in literary and commercial fiction, particularly upmarket fiction, stories with unique family dynamics, and historical hooks. She is drawn to gritty stories that have a strong authentic voice, a well-crafted plot, and carefully developed characters. She’s also seeking smart romantic comedies, both for the adult and YA markets.

In nonfiction, she is interested in a wide range of narrative and prescriptive nonfiction with a strong platform. Specifically, she’s on the hunt for pop culture, popular history, and science, illustrated gift books, true crime, sports, social issues, and literary memoirs. She is also interested in cookbooks, food narratives, and culinary histories from around the world.

In the YA category, she is interested in contemporary books with a strong hook and voice. She wants stories that will make her cry and laugh-sometimes at the same time. In middle grade, she is looking for mysteries, adventures, and magic. Ariana is also interested in working with illustrators and author-illustrators.


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