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Hi there! I was born and raised in California and lived all over the US before moving to the UK, where I now live and work. In addition to my academic background (I never finished a PhD in History), I spent ten years as an editor at Hodder & Stoughton and then Simon & Schuster before becoming an agent. I also founded and ran a small press, Jurassic London, and a literary prize, The Kitschies, for which I still serve on the board. I’ve been nominated for and even occasionally won a few prizes over the years, and I’m a proud Hugo loser.

I am now the Publishing Director of Jo Fletcher Books, which has been proudly open to unagented submissions since its creation in 2011.

If you would like to submit to Jo Fletcher Books, here’s what we’re looking for: science fiction, fantasy, YA/crossover (it must have strong crossover potential) and horror of all stripes. We’re looking for action, adventure, explosions, chills, romance, big ideas, unforgettable characters, and – most importantly – fun. A happy ending isn’t a necessity, but it is a bonus.

The only non-fiction we can consider is that which has clear SFF crossover interest and potential – for example, Monsters of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to the X-Files, Batman: The Complete History or Cary Elwes’ memoir about making The Princess Bride, As You Wish.

There are submissions guidelines linked to below, but they are out of date;  we are actively seeking YA/crossover fantasy and science fiction and will update the submission guidelines online as soon as we are able.

We are committed to maintaining a diverse, representative and inclusive list for all readers.

Given the enormous volume of submissions we receive, we are sadly unable to offer feedback to anyone. If you submit and do not hear back within six months, then please consider it a pass from us.


Fun facts about me:

I’m an avid amateur fossil-hunter. Pictured is my cat Buster, a stray who decided to move in one day. He’s nicer than he looks.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to


Please send the first three chapters or first 10,000 words in a separate attachment.

  • – Word docs only
  • – Font: Times New Roman
  • – Font size: 12
  • – Spacing: Double-spaced


Please include a brief covering letter and a short synopsis (no longer than one page) in the body of your email.

Guidelines & Details

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