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My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m looking for (mostly) nonfiction and (some) fiction children’s books that have strong commercial appeal. Elements like an obvious hook, clear theme, and unique protagonist resonate with me the most. Straightforward nonfiction is not really my thing.

Tone-wise, I love clever and fun, simple and sweet, or original and compelling. I lean toward light-hearted and inspiring over super serious. I get excited when nonfiction authors layer emotion (strong POV, well-done rhyme, humor, tenderness, conversational tone, surprise ending, etc.) with the facts. And I prefer to go on a journey with the main character, who might be a person, a dinosaur, or a pumpkin seed.

Topics-wise, I am a sucker for all things animals and nature. Send me untold, blow-your-mind stories from history, or fascinating biographies whose themes are relevant for kids today. I’d love to add more culturally diverse books to my list. And if the manuscript has series potential, that’s a plus too.

Ultimately, I want to feel something when I read, so if your book surprises, delights, or moves the reader while informing them, please send it my way.

***Here are descriptions of some recent acquisitions:

Exciting Science 

  • A repeat read-aloud combining dinosaurs, onomatopoeia, facts about the Late Cretaceous Period, and a message of using your voice. (PB)
  • A fun approach to cutting-edge sonic science about how fish communicate with other. (PB)
  • A lift-a-flap board book series that invites toddlers to go digging (lifting flaps!) for dinosaur bones. (BB)

Inspiring True Stories

  • The true story of Nelson Molina, a New York City garbage truck driver who saved over 45,000 objects from the trash to display in his museum. (PB)
  • The true story of Suzy, a stray dog who wandered into a house two weeks before Christmas to find her forever home. (PB)
  • An illustrated biography collection of dozens of people with Down Syndrome who are changing assumptions about the disability. (MG)

Heartwarming Nonfiction 

  • A book about baby animals trying new, hard things. (PB)
  • A sweet bedtime board book about bumblebees falling asleep inside flowers. (BB)
  • A thank you letter to homeschool from a child’s perspective. (PB)

Fiction with Nonfiction Foundations

  • A social-emotional learning book about class of clever reindeer works together to divide into groups without leaving anyone out. (PB)

Gift Books 

  • A giftable compilation of inspiring quotes from classic children’s books focusing on themes like being different, making friends, and never giving up. (MG)

Fun facts about me:

  • I love to be outside! When I’m not at my desk, I enjoy walking, hiking, roller blading, working out, and going to the beach.
  • Growing up, I was an avid Chicago Bulls fan, competitive volleyball player, and concert flutist.
  • Before I became a book editor, I was a teacher, tutor, and curriculum writer, primarily for preschool and elementary school kids.
  • I grew up in Southern California, so I love all things Disney.

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