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Graphic Novels are still my number one interest but no longer my sole interest, I want novels, and a contemporary or pop culture art book. I am interested in character-driven stories with a strong voice and an original or unique take on a story. I need fully developed characters that I care about and who have a purpose in your story, I want positive stories that entertain, I want real stories that are facts, diverse representations that are organic, quirky characters, fulfilling conclusions, and positively frightening tales leaving you wondering if you wet the bed... and are too afraid to get up and check.

This year, graphic novel submissions must be created by an author/illustrator or a team (with a collaboration agreement in place) of experienced authors and experienced illustrators. I will NOT be accepting writers only (unless it is a novel or picture book), writers who want to learn how to write graphic novels or artists who want to learn to write.

As a South Louisiana native, I really want a story about life after Katrina from the people of New Orleans that survived and those they may have lost. It needs to be honest, visceral, open, authentic, and diverse about the trauma, the PTSD of that trauma, and the means to dealing with it and getting on with life.


Middle-Grade books or Graphic Novels should be aspirational, positive, meaningful, and entertaining. I enjoy stories of children finding their way in life with new responsibilities, kids making mistakes and making up for them, characters figuring out who they really are and how that new personality plays out. Make your stories show that this is still a fun time in life to be a kid but is also a meaningful time to be yourself, whoever that may be. No fantasy. No superheroes, No supervillains, No Quests, and authenticity is key. All teams should have a partnership agreement signed before submitting.

Young Adult / New Adult / Adult books or Graphic Novels are a beast that I love to read and sell. I'd like to get meaningful and authentic stories of fiction with the good, the bad, and the anti-hero of finally being a grown-up, now what? Or characters facing the reality of their actions on their own for the first time. Accepting and owning your adulthood, adults who grew up too soon, or stories of adults starting over. Comedies, not snarky sarcasm, for this age group, would be great.

Picture Books need to be a meaningful moment in a child's life that is inspiring and have a purpose for the story, STEM is good, but laughter is better.

I am looking for the following genres:

1. Romance for all (i.e., Our Flag Means Death, Bros, Nicholas Sparks, Jackie Collins, Wifey, Forever, etc.) with premises like “warm and loving chick flick love affairs,” "chasing love before you lose it,” “new love blooming,” “unrequited love,” and “ love on the brink.”

2. Mental health and addiction stories dealing with journeys to acceptance, treatment, the improvement process, issues with getting help from a professional, cultural stigma surrounding mental health and therapy, and the scary things that can happen.

3. Mystery/thriller or noir. I am drawn to true crime-styled stories but can appreciate a classic tale of suspense, danger, romance, action, and adventure.

4. Horror – Scare me like Stephen King used to in the 80s.

5. Memoir of an influencer, a life after social media success, and what to do with social media fame.

6. Exciting Comedy stories about the strange, weird, or fantastical kinds of lives with a positive and confident voice, shocking twist, and meaningful endings for all walks of life.

7. The real story of a high-profile crime/entertainment article (i.e., The Truth about Pam, Pam and Tommy).

Fun facts about me:

I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, hiking, surfing, driving, crocheting and caring for my animals.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

What We Seek

Great Dog Literary accepts submissions from both children's and adult authors via the QueryMe portal. WE DO NOT ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS VIA EMAIL.

If you are a writer who is interested in submitting a manuscript, please visit the OUR PEOPLE  page to find the Great Dog Literary agent best suited for your work. You can query each agent specifically from that page.

Please only query the agent who may be the best fit for your project. We are a small agency and we talk among ourselves all the time. If the agent to whom you submit feels your manuscript is a better fit for another agent at Great Dog Literary, they will pass it along. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE SAME QUERY TO MULTIPLE AGENTS AT GREAT DOG LITERARY. That creates an unnecessary backlog of reading for us and does not serve your interests.

We will read your query and if we are interested in reading more, will send you a request to upload the full manuscript.

Illustrators should also visit the OUR PEOPLE page, select the agent to whom you wish to submit, and query with links to your portfolio or other visual work online. Alternatively, if you have illustrations and/or a dummy for the work you are pitching, let us know that in your query and we can send a request which will allow you to upload a PDF.

Submissions Guidelines

We accept queries only via QueryMe as described above. If we are interested in reading further we will be in touch within 4-6 weeks. We regret that we cannot guarantee a response to every submission; if you have not heard back from us within 12 weeks, we are declining the opportunity to represent your work at this time.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Guidelines & Details

Vital Info

Fiction: Children's, Crime, Graphic Novel, Humor, Middle Grade, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Non-Fiction: Biography, Illustrated, LGBTQ, Memoir, Pop Culture

Favorite sub-genres: LGBT YA, Noir, Paranormal, Psychological Thrillers, Romantic Suspense, horror, love stories
I'd like the next...

Alice Walker or Judd Winick, Francine Pascal, Stephen King, Philip K. Dick or Octavia E. Butler.

My favorites include...

Sandman; Nine Perfect Strangers; It; Everything, Everywhere, All At Once; Get Out; Scott Pilgrim; Nine Inch Nails; Beyonce; Metallica; Madonna and Prince.

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