Angela Kim

Berkley/Penguin Random House

My Manuscript Wish List®

Hi, I’m Angela! I am an editor at Berkley, a commercial imprint of Penguin Random House. I am actively seeking projects in the following areas: book club fiction, romance, suspense/thriller, and mystery. I am passionate about uplifting underrepresented voices and am always looking for diverse stories in these genres.

What I’m Looking For

Contemporary romance: I’m a sucker for rom-coms! I love movies like Lovebirds and Crazy, Stupid Love, so I’m looking for rom-coms with the same energy. I would love to see high concept romance, romance with serious themes, and rom-coms that are heavy on the “com.” I’m looking for unique characters, a fresh voice, and interesting takes on classic tropes. I also love a well-written adventure rom-com.

Book club fiction: I’m looking for upmarket fiction perfect for book clubs with writing that sucks you in. I want stories about complex families, siblinghood, friendships, etc. I’d love to see works that speak to the peculiarities of the human condition with a strong protagonist, however flawed they may be. I’m seeking books about unique experiences or quiet stories with big impact. I’m also looking for stories about the gen-z and millennial experience beyond romantic relationships—the struggles of adulthood and the messiness of existing in this world. I also love a sense of community and a strong, distinct cast of characters.

Thriller/suspense: I’m looking to acquire in this genre in particular! I’m itching for psychological suspense that’s incisive, twisty, and chilling. I want a book that makes me second-guess everything and leaves me hanging onto every word. I’m looking for something that strays from the typical/predictable domestic suspense. I’m specifically on the hunt for gen-z and millennial suspense/thrillers by marginalized voices. They should have a twisty plot with truly unexpected turns, unforgettable characters, witty dialogue, and socioeconomic commentary is a plus.

Mystery: I’m mainly seeking quirky, witty, and spooky mysteries with diverse characters. I’d love a crossover between cozy and gritty, a la Knives Out!

What I’m Currently Not Looking For

Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Westerns, Nonfiction, YA/Children’s, Graphic novels, Police Procedurals, Cult-focused books

Submission Guidelines

I am currently taking agented submissions only.

Vital Info