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My Manuscript Wish List®

Andie Smith is a Junior Agent at The Booker Albert Literary Agency where she started as a Literary Intern in 2022. She is also a writer and editor of multiple genres. Andie has previously served as a writer and editor for several local newspapers and magazines in Central Florida and is the Founder of Sun & Spines Editorial, where she offers a variety of editing services for authors. When she’s not agenting, she’s spending time with her husband and two kitties or hanging out at Disney World.

Andie is currently open to Young Adult and Adult genres including but not limited to contemporary, romance, thriller, speculative, issue-driven, fantasy, and eco-fiction. She is no longer seeking Adult Thriller and has to be very selective with YA fantasy due to her current client list.

As an autoimmune advocate, Andie would love to see stories with MC’s embracing life through all disabilities, from those that are more obvious to invisible ones. 

At the top of her wishlist:

  • Adult Fantasy: either with a heavy romance or it’s a subplot, adventurous and immersive fresh takes on a fantasy world
  • YA Eco-Fiction: in today’s world or very near future (not dystopian), teens battling climate change or actively searching to save a species from extinction
  • YA Thriller: edge of your seat who dunnit mystery, the vibes of Cruel Summer and One of Us is Lying
  • YA Contemporary: relatable, everyday situations teens go through. Heartfelt, underlying messages or overall just a fun and feel-good read. Romance plot or self-discovery/coming-of-age. Would love to see a strong theater rom-com!

Andie doesn’t represent: 

  • PB or MG 
  • Nonfiction 
  • Poetry/prose 
  • Historical fiction (1960s and earlier)
  • Horror 

Not the best fit for: 

  • Heavy religious elements 
  • Vampires (unless VERY unique) 
  • Pirates/ships/water settings
  • AI or VR characters/plots 

While not a total dealbreaker, Andie tends to shy away from stories with on-the-page cheating, abuse, rape, and reference to self-harm and/or suicide (off-page references ok). Please indicate any content warnings in your query letter. 

Fun facts about me:

I am a proud cat mom and lover of all things Disney. I could eat Asian food every night for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. The Vampire Diaries is my comfort show. My favorite season is Christmas–yes, Christmas is considered a season in my house.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your query via QueryManager. I look forward to hearing from you!

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