Amy Singh

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Amy is looking for captivating fiction and literary nonfiction projects. She’s interested in well-written, character driven novels and is open to any genre, especially mysteries, thrillers, and coming of age stories. In nonfiction, she’s especially drawn to memoirs with fresh and compelling voices and to narrative nonfiction on the subjects of history, technology, and pop culture. Recent and upcoming projects include The Agent Runner, an espionage thriller set in Pakistan; The President Is Dead!, an anecdote-filled reference book; How to Be a Dictator, a humorous and historical how-to guide; Venom Doc, the in-your face memoir of venom researcher Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry; The Judge’s Wife, a poignant tale of three woman and the one great love that changes their lives, and Wicked Leaks, a Princess Diana conspiracy thriller with a Wikileaks-esq twist.

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