Alyssa Miele

HarperCollins Publishers

My Manuscript Wish List®

My taste steers me more frequently toward contemporary realistic fiction in YA and MG.  From commercial to literary, queer to straight, and everything in between, I’m looking for manuscripts that are chock-full of strong, flawed, and loveable characters that stay with you long after you’ve lived their story with them. I also have started to acquire picture books. For those, I love emotional, thought-provoking stories where questions are asked, worlds are discovered, and hearts grow at least three sizes by the last page.

To drill down a bit more into my YA and MG wish list, I’m looking for stories that:

  • are mostly rooted in reality, but can have dashes of otherworldliness (I’d love a speculative!)
  • feature LGBTQI characters
  • feature characters from different backgrounds, cultures, parts of the world
  • deal with complex family dynamics
  • explore toxic relationships (romantic, platonic, familial)
  • showcase strong, uplifting friendships
  • take me through the worst of high school/grade school, but bring me out on the other side of it

Also: I would love a submission that somehow incorporates a character’s musical playlist/taste throughout the narrative or as some sort of narrative device/structure. Like High Fidelity for YA.

Additionally: I love stories that play with format and medium.

Other words that dance around my head when I’m thinking about what I want: voice-driven, coming-of-age, feminism, unreliable narrators, fresh narrative structure, secrets, sex-positive, body-positive, atmospheric, romantic, emotional, thrilling

Submission Guidelines

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