Alexa Wejko

Soho Teen

My Manuscript Wish List®

Hi everyone!

I’m an editor at Soho Teen, interested in YA only, though with an eye to acquiring a range of voices, moods, and narrative structures within the YA space. I am actively looking to acquire books by writers of color; I am actively looking to acquire voices and perspectives that are routinely marginalized or silenced.

I love so-called quiet and literary YA, as well as manuscripts that exist in in-between spaces, whether that be genre or readership (books with adult crossover, for example, or books that cannot be easily “classified”). I’m looking for intimate voices and bold voices. I love high stakes. Even more so, I love small stakes that are made to feel big—stories that reflect the lives of teens.

What’s it like to work with me? I’m a creature of feedback. Before starting at Soho Teen, I got my MFA, taught creative writing, and then worked in literary packaging; I bring that experience to editing by focusing on (lovingly) challenging writers, sharpening story, and honing craft. I love—love—brainstorming phone calls, intensely exploring revision strategies, writing in-depth editorial letters, and leaving plenty of chatty margin notes. However, my end goal is to always support a writer’s vision, and create a safe space wherein that vision can be fully realized. I’m also in the unique position of being a part of Soho Teen’s publicity team, too, which means I have input at every stage of the book-making process.

I’m especially interested in:

  • Queer characters, narratives, and experiences (no romance necessary)
  • A speculative twist on a familiar world (More Happy Than Not)
  • Non-traditional narrative structures or approaches (Sadie, The Poet X)
  • Writers who have worked in a different form (non-fiction, poetry) and are working on their first YA
  • Setting & place, especially small towns and tight-knit communities. Does the entire book take place within a single block? Send it to me.
  • Retellings set in our world or near-world
  • Characters who have a personal experience with the justice system
  • Characters who aren’t headed to college after high school; who have experience with alternative education
  • Plots that hinge on internal revelations
  • Plots that involve community organizing; food justice
  • Plots that involve environmentalism, especially conservation (think YA Migrations)
  • On that note: the YA novelization of the feminist bird club, basically!
  • Radical joy
  • Always: books with heart.

But right now, I’m not the best person for:

  • High fantasy
  • Hard sci-fi
  • Historical fiction—with the exception of underrepresented historical moments or perspectives, preferably post-1950, and/or historical set in countries outside the U.S. (The Weight of Our Sky)
  • Straightforward horror or paranormal—though I’m open to them as genre-bending elements (Wilder Girls, Thirteen Doorways) or if they are told from an underrepresented perspective
  • Familiar YA mystery or thrillers—though I want to see mystery/thrillers if they set out challenge social norms and/or are told from an underrepresented perspective (Sadie, White Rabbit)

But, at the end of the day—if you’re not sure whether I’m interested in a submission, please reach out!

Fun facts about me:

I have worked at a Renaissance Festival *and* as an elf at Macy’s Santaland.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

I accept both agented and unagented submissions (if the latter, my aim is to allot time for you to reach out to agents before the contract stage, in the event of an offer). Email me at, and feel free to check in if you haven’t heard from me in 3+ weeks. I balance publicity and editorial duties, so I am sometimes slow to respond.