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There haven’t been many times in history that the importance of normalizing and celebrating LGBTQIA2s+ voices has been as essential as it is now in the United States. From “Don’t Say Gay” policies to laws preventing trans youth from accessing gender affirming medical care, thus pushing up their likeliness of self-harm and suicide, the political climate of the United States is a dangerous one to be LGBTQIA2s+ in.

It’s more important than ever to amplify queer and trans voices. Jessica Kingsley Publishers’ Gender and Diversity lines in the UK have been a consistent force for doing so, and we have been looking to expand further our reach within the United States. Enter JKP’s first US-based editor for the Gender and Sexuality lines – that’s me.

I’m looking for a variety of voices – ones that represent the true breadth, depth, and excellence of the LGBTQIA2s+ community. One of the strengths of our community is that anyone can be queer and trans, and I’d like voices from every demographic. I’m especially excited to sign more BIPOC writers and illustrators to our line.

On that note, the topics I’m especially looking for include

  • books about gender identities around the world
  • books on asexual lives
  • books about the overlap of disability and queer justice
  • books that push back on the notion that LGBTQIA+ people have no place in religion and spirituality
  • books about intersex lives
  • books about sex work
  • books about the AIDS crisis
  • LGBTQIA2s+ history books that are accessible to a general audience
  • queer voices on reproductive justice
  • incarcerated queer voices
  • Two Spirit guidebooks
  • rural American queer voices.
  • own voices kids’ books about a variety of topics

As a member of the LGBTQIA2s+ community myself, I am dedicated to providing a platform for voices within our ranks that are often pushed aside or forgotten, as well as voices exploring new and previously misunderstood territory. Together we can help broaden the landscape of queer publishing. Your words are important, as is your radical existence.


Fun facts about me:

I have a West Highland Terrier named Roxy Music, Dog of Doom. I worked in record stores, books stores, and video rental stores through most of my youth. I was previously an editor for Sundress Publications. I used to intern at Seven Stories Press, who publishes my own writing now.

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