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My Manuscript Wish List®

I am honored to be a literary manager with Martin Literary and Media Management. I’m excited to build my list featuring titles in middle grade, young adult, female-driven crime thrillers, faith-based books, True Crime, and the occasional picture book with an author/illustrator.

A little background: I have a BA in Early Childhood Education and MA in Theology and Religious Studies which led me into children’s ministry for many years. Eventually, my lifelong love of books and authors drew me back to my original dream of entering the publishing world. I’m a multi-published author and freelance writer. I’ve held such positions as the Blog Manager for a national women’s ministry (Wholly Loved) and the Social Media Manager for a publishing house (Elk Lake). All these components landed me a spot in the coveted Writers House Intern Program. There, I received valuable hands-on agenting and publishing experience which I bring into this position.

I have long been a voice for diversity. I’ve written extensively on topics of racial reconciliation and unity and am a facilitator of groups around these topics in my church. In all my focused genres, I welcome books with BIPOC or disabled main characters and diverse friendships. I believe books change people in all the best ways and that every child should see themselves in the pages.

My General #MSWL incudes:

Middle Grade (All subgenres except Sci-fi): I heart Middle Grade! I would love to see books tackling themes like abandonment, bullying, loneliness, comparison, divorce, and body image but done so by instilling hope, growth, and healing. Send me the creepy, horrifying, supernatural, fantastical, historical, and contemporary. I’m ready to see it all.

Young Adult (All subgenres except Sci-fi): My background in writing YA and extensive reading in this genre has given me a great love and understanding of it. Grab my attention within the first couple of pages. Send me books with first loves, unique friendships, interesting and/or challenging family dynamics, and hard-hitting subject matter (race relations, suicide, abuse, divorce, etc.) but leave me with a satisfying (not necessarily happy!) ending.

Women’s Crime Thriller: I love a good thriller with a woman main character, so send me the smart, tough, and brave lady crime solvers. If I can’t figure out what’s going to happen next or what the ending will be, you’ve gotten my attention.

Faith-Based Fiction and Nonfiction: I love a good redemption or forgiveness story, a historically accurate saga, a clean and beautiful, yet realistic love story, or a memoir that has me crying and laughing within the span of a few pages. Surprise me with the beauty of God’s grace. I also love bible studies and devotionals. 🙂

Picture Books with Authors/Illustrators: Picture books are an important part of establishing a love for literature at an early age, though, at this time, I’m only looking for authors who are also illustrators. If your work fits these criteria, I’d love to see it.

True Crime (Nonfiction): I’m obessed with true crime. If you’ve got a story, tell me about it…

I am not a good fit for Science Fiction (even in MG or YA), books with any political agenda, extremely foul-mouthed characters, or gratuitous sex scenes.

Fun facts about me:

My sweet dog is named Rey in honor of the Star Wars character but I don’t really know much about Star Wars…

I love to jog so I can eat Oreos.

I fall asleep editing or reading EVERY night.

I’m a YA and Romance author myself. 🙂

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Please Query me via QueryManager with query letter, manuscript details, short bio, and the first pages of you manuscript.


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