Spring 2024

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Sports Romances – especially Hockey, F1, Tennis, Golf, Lacrosse, Pickelball – but others too!

Genre Mashups Like Action Adventure Romantic Comedies, Historical Rom Com, Paranormal Rom Com

Paranormal Romance – ITS BACK. I have always loved retellings, folklore and myth-based projects

Cozy Fantasy

Made up True Crime based stories

Light-hearted Mafia romance

Romantic Comedies with Women in underrepresented rolls, not just stem, but, executives, bosses, etc

Romance set against politics (but not with any ties to real life politics)

Stories centered around a friendship Dramas, Unravellings, Rebuilding – spanning from Generation Z to Boomers and beyond. 

Stories featuring Boomers finding friendship with Gen Z/Millenials

Historicals from Jazz Age, WW2 – give me those untold stories of American legends and dynasties

Commercial Fiction based on women’s emotional journeys – secrets found in attics, women returning home. 

Age Groups

Fiction Genres

Non-fiction Genres


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