Very short fantasy novellas for teens by Canadian citizens or residents.

Looking for fantasy novellas that compare to the teen fantasy on bestseller lists and Booktok tables. Contemporary is best but feel free to include all the usual tropes of princes, knights, magic and sword fights. High-interest novels aimed at reluctant teen readers ages 12 and up with a reading level of grade 2.0–4.5, preferably closer … Read more

Wishlist Books

☑️ Would LOVE a YA dark academia/SFF/thriller Revolutionary Girl Utena ☑️ friendship & grief of Bridge to Terabithia/My Girl ☑️ the complex relationship between Louis/Lestat in the TV adaptation of IWTV ☑️ MG foster care ☑️ YA asexual and/or aromatic rep ☑️ older MG/young YA (give me 12-15 year old) ☑️ aftermath/dealing with CSA and … Read more

Urgent need:

Witches. Lots of witch stories, preferably in the style of Terry Pratchett.