Summer Bonus MSWL!

Looking for diverse, high-concept fiction with strong, unique voices. Particularly interested in: Character-Driven Plots: Deep, complex characters navigating personal growth, relationships, and societal challenges. Queer Narratives: Stories with LGBTQ+ characters and relationships, especially with nuanced and authentic portrayals. Cultural Diversity: Stories exploring themes of immigration, racial identity, and the complexities of diverse cultural experiences. Historical … Read more

Urgent need:

Witches. Lots of witch stories, preferably in the style of Terry Pratchett.

Alex Brown’s Evergreen Wishlist!

Across Adult, YA, and MG, I am particularly drawn to: Final Girls who are also monsters, diaspora stories, horror of any kind, stories that will make her laugh/cry/wonder if something is lurking in the darkness, anything that hints at what might be hiding in the ocean, witches, rom coms, witchy rom coms, women/enby/POC-lead thrillers that … Read more