Learning Advanced Point of View, Romantic Tension & Betrayal From A New Body-Swapping Novel

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If you’ve ever had trouble with point of view in your work, wait until you hear the advanced logistical world author Nia Davenport had to navigate for her new novel, Out of Body, which she pitches as Freaky Friday meets Get Out.

Not only does she have best friends, crushes, confused parents, and a villain on the loose–but she weaves it all into a story of identity, personal growth, and becoming an adult in a world where adults can’t be trusted.

This is a great work to study if you’re struggling in any of these areas–plus, it’s FUN. It’s a new twist on something familiar, that formula so many in publishing love.

Full transcript here: manuscriptacademy.com/podcast-nia-davenport

Learn more about Nia here: www.nedavenport.com


**Character development and world-building (00:03:29)**
Nia explains how she visualizes her character’s journey and the unfolding of the plot like watching a movie.

**Creating mystery in the opening chapter (00:06:12)**
Nia discusses the decision to keep the first chapter mysterious and how it sets the tone for the story.

**Maintaining character voice in different bodies (00:07:39)**
Nia talks about the challenge of maintaining the character’s voice regardless of the body she is in.

**Nia’s publishing journey (00:10:25)**
Nia shares her journey from teaching to becoming a writer and the process of finding her agent, Caitie Flum.

**Advice for aspiring writers (00:17:54)**
Nia advises writers to breathe, take it slow, and keep perfecting their craft, emphasizing the importance of perseverance.

**Developing character relationships (00:19:18)**
Nia explains the power dynamic and genuine friendship between the characters Megan and Elsie.

**Magic and Technology in the Story (00:22:54)**
Nia discusses the use of magic and technology in her book, playing with the reader’s perception.

**Empathy and Societal Conversations (00:27:22)**
Nia discusses the current generation’s ability to have conversations about socio-emotional health and empathy.

**Tension and Gaslighting (00:34:20)**
Nia discusses the theme of gaslighting and the decision to leave the protagonist feeling isolated for a significant portion of the book.

**Testing Safety and Vulnerability (00:36:33)**
The protagonist’s actions to test the safety of the people around her and the vulnerability of teenagers.

**Identity, Race, and Kindness (00:39:09)**
Nia talks about the theme of identity, race, and the importance of choosing kindness and compassion.

**Writing Difficult Subjects (00:41:18)**
Nia advises writers to write what they love and are passionate about, rather than trying to fit into trends.

**Inclusivity in Publishing (00:43:33)**
Nia encourages writers to find a supportive writing community and emphasizes the importance of diverse voices in traditional publishing.