How To Build Romantic Tension In Any Genre with Author Lynn Painter

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We’ve never seen a romantic comedy like this one! Happily Never After breaks ALL* the rom com rules, while still maintaining tension, interest, narrative arcs, and everything you need in a satisfying read.

Learn the rules our favorite way—by watching Lynn breaks them, succeed, and tell you how she did it.

Whatever your genre, a romantic element adds emotional range, a break from anything difficult in your narrative, and something we can understand—even if the rest of your story could never happen on Earth.

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Transcript here:

Modern Rom-Com Trends (00:00:33)
Discussion about the modern and timely aspects of Lynn Painter’s rom-com book and the trend in rom-coms.

Lynn Painter’s Writing Journey (00:01:14)
Lynn shares her 15-year writing journey, including switching to young adult (YA) and contemporary romance, and finally finding success during the pandemic.

Understanding Option Clause (00:02:39)
Lynn explains the option clause in book contracts and how it impacted her writing process.

The Long Game of Writing (00:04:17)
Discussion about the 15-year journey and the importance of continuous writing and learning in the process.

Challenges of Querying (00:08:18)
Lynn shares her experience with querying, the importance of a unique story, and the challenges of finding an agent.

Writing within Romance Genre (00:10:51)
Exploration of how to make contemporary romance stand out within the genre’s constraints and the significance of adding urgency and uniqueness to the story.

The Genesis of “Happily Never After” (00:12:03)
Lynn discusses the origin of her book’s idea and how it evolved into “Happily Never After.”

Dual Point of View in Romance (00:16:44)
Lynn explains her preference for dual point of view in writing romance and how it helps to show what makes the other person attractive.

Maintaining Tension (00:24:45)
Lynn shares her struggle with pacing and the use of tension in romance novels.

Revealing Subtext (00:25:39)
The discussion on maintaining tension and revealing just enough information in the romance genre.

Micro Moments (00:35:51)
The joy of incorporating small details to enhance the story and character dynamics.

Rom Com Genre Advice (00:38:12)
Lynn advises aspiring rom com writers to focus on incorporating humor and visualizing their stories as rom com movies.

The importance of writing what you love (00:39:26)
Advice on finding joy in writing, aligning with personal traits, and avoiding mismatched genres.

The role of critique partners and writing support (00:46:29)
Discussion of the author’s experience with a supportive writing group and the impact of having trusted critique partners.

Empowerment in expressing personal desires in romance (00:54:02)
Exploration of a character’s empowerment in expressing personal desires in a romantic context.

Advice for writers (00:57:27)
The importance of setting aside regular time to write and its impact on the author’s writing journey.

*Ok, there are probably some we forgot about that she doesn’t break, but it’s definitely an outside of the box read in the very best way.