📚🎧Literary Agents of Change: Daniele Hunter and The AALA’s New Initiative

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Join us as we speak with Daniele Hunter, Junior Agent at McIntosh & Otis, AALA member, and AALA DEI committee and Literary Agents of Change member!

Becoming a literary agent is not for the faint of heart. As a passion-led industry that puts up many financial barriers to entry (unpaid internships, sky-high NYC rents, and earnings for many young workers well below a livable wage), publishing has historically been an industry that hires the most privileged. Today we talk about the fundamental need for diversity in publishing and what the AALA is doing to help mitigate those barriers.

Learn more about their auction here: literaryagentsofchange.org/auction


Daniele Hunter (she/her) is a queer, chronically ill, disabled junior agent in the children’s department at McIntosh & Otis. She started at McIntosh & Otis in 2016 as an intern and has been there ever since! She has a BA in English with concentrations in Literary Criticism, Poetry, and Creative Writing from Drew University. Prior to agenting, she held various odd jobs in the publishing industry, from proofreading to teaching and working on literary journals. She’s also a member of the American Association of Literary Agents and is on their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, and co-directs their fellowship program through Literary Agents of Change. In her spare time, she reads way too quickly, sings opera, and puts her ambidexterity to good use as a knitter. She lives in New Jersey with her spouse and their cat.