📚Three-Day Workshop: Think Like An Editor | April 11-13, 2023

When you submit your novel for publication, it has to clear the hurdle of what the industry calls the developmental, or dev, edit. This close analysis identifies structural flaws in novels that need to be fixed, and often lead to rejection.

But if you learn to think like a dev editor, you’ll be able to make sure that what you submit already has its key elements working. In addition to creating a satisfying arc and memorable, three-dimensional characters, you’ll be able to get rid of your “darlings,” build tension and stakes, and deliver a more competitive product.

In three sessions, developmental editor Shirin Yim Leos discusses the three main fault lines that run through a novel: plot, character, and the reader’s experience. By helping you understand how these should work and how they should work together, this class can greatly improve your chances of getting your work published.

Shirin Yim Leos has coached writers who have secured multibook deals from Big Five publishers, and film and television options from major entertainment companies. She is the author of twenty-one children’s books, a developmental editor, and a former publisher. Leos also leads writing retreats and teaches writing and publishing for universities and conferences internationally.

This event is open to all genres, age groups, and experience levels. Tickets are $49 for three classes, six workshop exercises, one Q&A, and one live first page panel.