Roseanne Wells

Roseanne Wells

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My Manuscript Wish List

Nonfiction: I am so excited to start cooking from BREAKFAST FOR DINNER: a great idea with a new angle and exciting recipes. And if you know a food or humor or pop culture blog or vlog you love that should be a book, for all that is good and buttery, tell me! I fell head over heels for Reza Aslan’s NO GOD BUT GOD. He interweaves the history of Islam with his own personal journey, and it is beautifully written. I loved Chris Guillebeau’s THE ART OF NON-CONFORMITY as a call to action, that life is not about fitting in but standing out. I really appreciated Susan Cain’s mix of reflection, personal story, and research in QUIET. My interests in science run the spectrum, from micro to macro, from theory to practical. Basically, if you can do a TED Talk about your subject, I want to see it.

Fiction: I love Aimee Bender, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and magical realism in general. I grew up reading fantasy, so magic never felt at odds with the real world for me. Books that can be a full sensory experience and walk you in the character’s footsteps, like Arundhati Roy’s THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS, are a welcome treat. I love mythology and legend–Greek, Egyptian, Viking, Hindu, all of it. I followed Esperanza through THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET, and I couldn’t get enough of Alanna, Tortall, and every book Tamora Pierce wrote of her adventures. I connected with Francesca Lia Block’s work instantly; I read all five Dangerous Angel books in one day. I grew up on The Boxcar Children, and I love Veronica Mars (yes, I’m a Marshmellow). I am so jealous that I didn’t get to work on THE ART FORGER, and I love WHITE COLLAR, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, LEVERAGE, OCEAN’S 11, etc. Bonus points for con/heist stories including art, jewelry, or tech, especially if the character is a charmer just a few inches on the wrong side of the law.

I’m eager to see diverse voices and marginalized stories, unique narrative structures that support the story, and unreliable narrators. I’m looking for young adult of all genres and select middle grade of any genre that connect me to a strong main character. I’m also open to picture books, especially from author/illustrators. I love cranky, mischievous characters that grow throughout the narrative, and stories that are fun and hilarious for children (and the adults who will read them 500 times). Nonfiction picture books in STEM, science, arts, and biographies are a big plus for me. I’m not interested in rhyming picture books or overly sweet and sentimental stories.

Submission Guidelines

How to submit: Please email a one-page query letter to Please include “Query” and your title in the subject line of the email, your contact information, and the first 20 pages pasted into the body of the email below the letter. Picture book authors should send one manuscript; I may request more if I’m interested. Illustrators should copy and paste artwork into the body of the email and send an expanded link (no type of links) to an online portfolio. No attachments will be opened. You will receive an automatic message once you submit. I only accept email queries, and any queries sent by regular mail will not be considered.

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Vital Info

Fiction: Action/Adventure, Children's, Commercial, Crime, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Humor, LGBTQ, Literary, Middle Grade, Mystery, Picture Books, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Non-Fiction: Biography, Cookbooks, Humor, LGBTQ, Memoir, Pop Culture, Psychology, Science, Travel, True Crime

Favorite sub-genres: Diversity, Feminism, Literary Middle Grade, Magical Realism, Narrative Nonfiction, Pop Psychology
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