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My Manuscript Wish List

The most important thing to remember is this is not an exhaustive list of what I’m looking for! This is just what is at the top of my ‘want’ list. I’m still actively acquiring contemporary YA or het contemporary romances. If in doubt, always query. Sometimes I don’t know what I want until it winds up in my inbox! :^) Please note I do not accept Non-Fiction, Picture Books, Upmarket/Literary, Women’s Fiction, or Cozy Mysteries at this time.


  • Still looking for that great adventure MG with a humorous voice that I fall in love with
  • Give me a kids-age Indiana Jones — especially one with puzzles to solve and clues to follow.
  • I love MGs that feature kids getting into trouble and having to solve everything before mom and dad get home!


  • I want a Greek retelling of some sort! My favorite myth is Cupid & Psyche, but anything with Greek/Roman roots will steal my heart.
  • Also have a soft spot for fairy-tale re-tellings.
  • A creepy supernatural sort of book. Think Asylum by Madeline Roux.
  • In terms of LGBT+, I’m not looking for a coming out story. I want to see these characters leading their own stories and not focused on sexuality. That being said — I would look at a coming out story on the other end of the spectrum (intersex, queer, asexual).


  • I really want some nice m/m erotic romances. Closeted guys and those who help them come out. Adversaries in the same company… Military boys… Sky is the limit!
  • Urban fantasy with Fae. Give it a unique and different twist. Something I haven’t seen before!

Any Age:

  • Give me a fairy tale retelling with LGBT+ characters. Like a m/m Beauty & the Beast.
  • Send me your diverse voices and your LGBTQIA characters. I’d love an intersex or gender queer MC!
  • Above all on my #MSWL are just great books with strong voice and characters I fall in love with. Strong hooks and books that I can’t put down. Things that have me tapping my iPad until 3AM when I curse that my battery has died 5 pages from the end.

Last updated: 17 March 2016

Submission Guidelines

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Moe Ferrara is interested in fiction for adults, young adults, and the middle-grade reader. When it comes to all subsets and ages for science fiction and fantasy, she loves easily-accessible sci-fi, imaginative fantasy locales, and pain-in-the-ass heroines. She’s looking for most MG and YA genres including contemporary, horror, magical realism, and anything LGBTQ-centric. She also loves being surprised by books she never knew she wanted! On her adult romance radar are all things m/m and m/f—plus everything in between—within all heat levels and genres, including both category and single-title romance.

Guidelines & Details

Vital Info

Fiction: Children's, Commercial, Erotica, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, LGBTQ, Middle Grade, New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Favorite sub-genres: Contemporary Romance, Diversity, LGBTQIA, Magical Realism, Soft Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, erotic romance, light Sci-Fi
I’d like the next…

My favorites include…

Books: Narrowing this down to a few things is a chore for any book lover. Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning, Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter, Harry Potter series (I come from the HP fandom!), The Elenium Series by David Eddings, Avalon the Return of King Arthur by Stephen Lawhead, The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate.

TV Shows: Once Upon a Time, How to Get Away With Murder, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, House MD, The West Wing (I’ve watched the whole series at least 7 times), Dead Like Me, Archer, Six Feet Under. I could go on and on and on.

Comics: Give me anything Iron Man or Hulk related! I’m a fairly big Marvel fangirl (though I’ll make an exception for Arrow) and as a result like my superheroes grounded in reality. I like the sorts where you can step back and go “huh, well, Mutants really could be among us!”

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