Madelyn Burt

Madelyn Burt

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I’m interested in all kinds of adult and children’s fiction: mysteries, historicals, fantasies, and contemporaries are some of my favorites. I have a soft spot for myths, legends, and fairy tales, so I’m definitely open to all sorts of updates and retellings. I also always enjoy a good quest, heist, or mission.

I’m drawn to stories that feature tight-knit groups and that emphasize group dynamics: families by choice, teams whose members have wildly different skill sets, friends looking after each other, enemies who are well-matched. I also love to see distinct, relatable voices; diversity; witty (and, occasionally, not-so-witty) banter; optimism; libraries, museums, and cemeteries; well-developed world building.

In terms of historical nonfiction, I’m interested in books that focus very closely on a specific period, person, or group, and that give the reader a connection to the past. I’m looking for books that consider topics that go above and beyond what we learn in school, things that are maybe a little bit obscure or a little bit strange.

Fun facts about me:

Two fun facts unrelated to each other: I’m a medievalist, and when I was growing up, I was on a team that raced outrigger canoes.

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Fiction: Children's, Commercial, Fantasy, Historical, Middle Grade, Mystery, Young Adult
Non-Fiction: History

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