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Lydia Sharp

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My Manuscript Wish List

My main interest is YOUNG ADULT with a strong romantic element, in the genres and sub-genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary. A high-concept plot, brisk pacing, and strong teen voice are a must. A project that blends genres would also be great, such as sci-fantasy, SF mystery/thriller, historical fantasy, contemporary fairytale retelling, or whatever you can think up!

I would like to see more stories that feature characters across the spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity. Please no tragic queers. Please no “character is queer” as the plot twist. Give me stories that empower teens, not stories that teach a heavy-handed lesson.

Regardless of plot or genre, I am always in search of characters who jump off the page–make me love them, hate them, or love to hate them!

Selectively, I also consider:

ADULT CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE, both single-title and category length, any heat level from sweet to hot.

NEW ADULT ROMANCE in the genres of contemporary and sci-fi (any sub-genre). Moderate heat level.

Can’t wait to read your book!


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Submission Guidelines

I accept agented and unagented submissions via the submissions portal at Please submit query, synopsis, and FULL manuscript.

Agents are welcome to submit a query or proposal directly to my email: lydia at entangledpublishing dot com

Veteran authors are welcome to submit a proposal (query + synopsis + partial ms) directly to my email: lydia at entangledpublishing dot com

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Vital Info

Fiction: Commercial, Fantasy, Historical, LGBTQ, New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

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YA version of Sherlock Holmes, but with an element we haven’t seen before


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