Kiele Raymond

Kiele Raymond

Thompson Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List

I am a senior agent at Thompson Literary, though I began my publishing career at Simon & Schuster in 2009, contributing to multiple New York Times bestsellers as an editor at both Touchstone and Gallery Books. I joined TLA in 2017 to seek out bold new voices in literary fiction and am especially interested in writers from all corners who, in the words of Hermione Lee, stand at “an odd angle to the world.” My clients include Peace Adzo Medie, Ari Braverman, Nichole Perkins, Tana Wojczuk, Ben Nickol, and Courtney Emerson, among others.

Fun facts about me:

I love anything with a bit of an anthropological bent. There are so many Smithsonian posts I can imagine as novels – bog bodies anyone?

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Please send a query letter, including any salient biographical information or previous publications, and attach the first 25 pages of your manuscript.

Guidelines & Details

Vital Info

Fiction: Family Saga, General, Literary, Short Story, Women’s Fiction
Non-Fiction: Biography, History, Journalism, Memoir

Favorite sub-genres:
I’d like the next…

I want the next Emma Cline – anything that tangles with the suppressed rage of girlhood. I want a novel that contends directly with how language informs and is informed by socioeconomics (see: A Space on the Side of the Road by Kathleen Stewart and Elizabeth Strout also gets this right). Or the particular language of testimony and trauma (see: Life in Words by Veena Das). And I will always be a sucker for the domino effect of a secret, ala Donna Tartt.

My favorites include…

Virginia Woolf, Penelope Fitzgerald, Mary Gaitskill, Joy Williams, Hilary Mantel, Zadie Smith, Geraldine Brooks, Jenny Offil, Sarah Manguso, Tom Rachman, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Jhumpa Lahiri, Elizabeth Strout, Miranda July, George Saunders… be bold, be weird, experiment with form – as long as you are rigorous and your voice is crystal clear.

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