Kate McKean

Kate McKean

Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List

I am hungry for:

Non-fiction for kids. Please send me your biography, history, science, technology, creativity, memoir, or narrative non-fiction for middle grade or YA readers. Please, no gross-out middle grade (i.e. The Best Farts in History, or the like).

Young Social Media Stars: If you are a young adult with a large following online, please reach out.

Graphic Novels: YA especially, but I’m looking for all ages. More love, less war.

Big-idea, big-hook YA. It should be hard to come up with comp titles for your YA, because there’s nothing out there like it. I don’t want “the next [huge YA novel] because that’s already been done. Gimme something new.

Historical YA and MG, especially if it is NOT about WWII or other well-trod areas of historical fiction

Chapter books, espeically with girl protagonists. I’m especially interested in chapter books with a strong engine, which means a hook or catalyst in the story that spins off into many storylines, like The Babysitters Club. That set up spawned hundreds of books. I am not looking for one-off chapter books.

Middle grade of all stripes, except wacky, zany, gross out middle grade. If you’re writing the MG version of Rick & Morty or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy I DO NOT want it.

Picture books. I like them funny or heartfelt, but they must have a top notch read-aloud quality.

In all genres, I’m looking for authors from under-represented groups.

In general, I represent authors writing for children in the areas of thriller, horror, romance, LGBTQ issues, contemporary fiction, sports, magical realism, fantasy, and science fiction. In non-fiction, for adults or children/teens, I represent books by authors with demonstrable platforms in the areas of pop-culture, memoir, sports, food writing, humor, design, creativity, and craft.

For adults I am primarily interested in contemporary romance, contemporary women’s fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction set in the 20th Century, high fantasy, magical realism, science fiction.

I DO NOT represent thrillers or mysteries for adults. I do not gravitate to stories that feature dragons, vampires, angels/demons, werewolves, cops, lawyers, FBI agents, or amateur sleuths.

I don’t like farce or satire in fiction. Give me sincerity over sarcasm.

Fun facts about me:

Contrary to popular misconception, I’m not from Mississippi. I just went to school there for 18 months. I’m from Florida-ish. (We moved around a lot as a kid.)

I love competitive cheerleading.


Submission Guidelines

Please email your query letter and the first three chapters of your novel or your full non-fiction book proposal. Email attachments are acceptable. No snail mail submissions will be considered. You may only query one agent at our agency per project, and please only query one project at a time. Our response time to most queries is 8-12 weeks.


Guidelines & Details

Vital Info


Favorite sub-genres:
I’d like the next…

…beautiful illustrated book like All My Friends are Dead or I Think I’m in Friend-Love With You.

…E. Lockhart.

…King Baby picture book.

…historical novel that is not about World War II. Tell me more about an unexplored part of modern American History (1900-1970), especially as it involves women in the workforce.

My favorites include…

Feed, by M.T. Anderson

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, by E. Lockhart

The Women, by Mary McCarthy

The Best of Everything, by Rona Jaffe

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, by Michael Chabon

Careers for Women, by Joanna Scott

Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, by Brigid Schulte

What we Talk About When We Talk About Love, by Raymond Carver

Dare Me, by Megan Abbott

Girls of Fire, by Robin Wasserman

Marlena, by Julie Buntin

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