Erik Hane

Erik Hane

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My Manuscript Wish List

Hi everyone! I’m new on the site, so I figured I’d let everyone know the sorts of queries I’m hoping to see:

Nonfiction (Narrative very much preferred across all these)

  • History, especially American political or social. Cultural movements, political movements, the forgotten but significant moments in between the famous points in history we’ve already read so much about. I also love Mediterranean history, particularly Greek.
  • Science, specifically evolution, biology, animals, or neuroscience; think Elizabeth Kolbert, Ed Yong, E. O. Wilson, Yuval Hurari.
  • Cultural criticism, essays, commentary, current events: this could be on anything but off the top of my head I really like great writing on politics, race, social trends, leftism/socialism, videogames, Weird Twitter, and anything else you can convince me the world should care about.
  • Sports with a larger (and necessary) cultural angle; think Grantland. Specifically I really like tennis, football, and basketball. I am DESPERATE to see a college football written about from a cultural/social/economic perspective.
  • International stories, especially in places undercovered by Western media, and ESPECIALLY places and people affected by U.S. foreign policy.


Adult Fiction

I typically like things that are “realism” or at least close to it, though I do love light speculative elements or just a touch of science fiction, closer to just “surreal” than overtly SF/F. I like novels that probably get called “literary” even as they’re doing other things or fitting into other categories. I love family stories, memorable settings that matter to the book, characters with a hairbrained scheme, legends, folklore, mythology, and games. I like when magic or the impossible gets grappled with in a realist setting; think The Prestige. I want “ambitious” novels that reach for something memorable. If it’s really, really long but it needs to be, I’d love to see it. If it plays with form in a way that’s necessary, I hope you send it to me. I list a bunch of novels/authors I’ve really loved over the past few years below.

Fun facts about me:

Along with Laura Zats, I’m the co-host of “Print Run,” a podcast about the book world that perhaps you might like. I also actually write a lot, myself; I’ve got a half-finished novel at the moment that’s taking forever, and you’ll find short fiction/essays of mine at places like Mount Hope or The Classical. I play a ton of tennis, which is tricky now that I live in snowbound Minnesota. Let’s see… I studied Greek in college, I get to the mountains in Colorado (where I’m from) every chance I get, and I’m thinking of getting a dog because working from a home office is lonely! Anyway, can’t wait to see your query and to talk about your project with you. Let’s do this.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Just the query at first to, please. I’ll request the manuscript if I like the query.

Guidelines & Details


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Vital Info

Fiction: Family Saga, Fantasy, Literary, Science Fiction
Non-Fiction: History, Pop Culture, Science, Sports

Favorite sub-genres: Folklore, Magic, Magical Realism, Mythology, Speculative
I’d like the next…


Swamplandia! (Karen Russell)

The Tiger’s Wife (Tea Obrecht)

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union (Michael Chabon)

City on Fire (Garth Risk Hallberg)

The Mothers (Brit Bennett)

Dissident Gardens (Jonathan Lethem)

A Brief History of Seven Killings (Marlon James)

Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell)

A Visit From the Goon Squad (Jennifer Egan)



I Contain Multitudes (Ed Yong)

The Sixth Extinction (Elizabeth Kolbert)

The Social Conquest of Earth (Edward O. Wilson)

Sapiens (Yuval Noah Harari)

The Great Derangement or The Divide (both by Matt Taibbi)

Nixonland (Rick Perlstein)

On Immunity (Eula Biss)

The Empathy Exams (Leslie Jamison)

The Givenness of Things (Marilynne Robinson)

Tears We Cannot Stop (Michael Eric Dyson)

My favorites include…

Other people, groups, and media/art that I love but didn’t list yet or didn’t seem write for the “next” category:

The Weakerthans

The Decemberists

Flannery O’Connor

Zadie Smith

Marilynne Robinson

Thomas Pynchon

David Foster Wallace

Raymond Carver

James Baldwin

Joan Didion

Hunter S. Thompson

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Chapo Trap House


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