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Annie Hwang

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Originally from Los Angeles, Annie represents a range of fiction and select nonfiction. As a former journalist, she possesses a keen editorial eye which she brings to her approach to agenting, taking an active role in helping clients reach their full potential and guiding them through every stage of their writing career from ideation to publication and beyond. Since joining Folio Literary Management she’s had the pleasure of working with both debut and seasoned authors alike.


I am actively seeking new clients and gravitate toward literary fiction featuring diverse characters and authentic voices; rich historical fiction where the setting takes on a life of its own; visceral literary thrillers with dark psychological grit; and nuanced speculative/science-fiction that explores what it means to be human in the age of technology. I am passionate about championing underrepresented voices and am particularly drawn to complex characters with emotional resonance, deftly braided narratives, and captivating layered plots. Above all, I’m always on the hunt for gifted storytelling that stretches its genre to new heights. When it comes to nonfiction, I’m open to fresh, smart, well-branded nonfiction in the areas of pop science, pop culture, diet, health, fitness, food, lifestyle, and humor.

If you have an established platform/brand that you’d like to expand with a book or two, or your manuscript can make me hold my breath, make my heart soar, or entice me deep into a well-built world in the space of a few sentences, then please read my submission guidelines–I would love to hear from you.

Submission Guidelines

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As a new addition from The Manuscript Academy, #MSWL’s educational sister company, we are now offering ten-minute e-meetings with a select group of our agents and editors to discuss your work, what you can do better–and how to maximize your chances of success in the submissions process. You’ll be able to pick from Skype, Hangouts, or a phone call–and, yes, this works internationally. Please see our FAQ, our step-by-step guide to booking your meeting, a list of participating agents and editors–and consider joining our Facebook group, a free, friendly community of writers cheering each other on through this process.

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Vital Info

Fiction: Family Saga, Historical, Literary, Thriller
Non-Fiction: History, Humor, Pop Culture, Science

Favorite sub-genres: Diversity, Magical Realism, Psychological Thrillers, Speculative Fiction
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James River Writers Conference (October 27-29 | Pawley's Island), Slice Literary Writers' Conference (September 15-16 | Lexington KY), The Porch Writers' Collective Workshop (September 9-10, The South Carolina Writers Association Big Dream Conference, Women Writers Conference (October 14-15 | Richmond)