Amy Elizabeth Bishop

Amy Elizabeth Bishop

Dystel, Goderich & Bourret

My Manuscript Wish List

Fiction-wise, I’m interested in both upmarket women’s fiction, romance, fiction from diverse and underrepresented authors, historical fiction (focusing on untold stories or well-known stories from a different perspective; think, diverse, minority voices). I’d love to find a multi-generational story and am particularly interested in the intricacies of family relationships. I’m a sucker for stories that take place in closed environments (like boarding schools) and though I love a good romance, I’m also eager to see narratives where a happy ending for women and girls isn’t necessarily a relationship. #ownvoices, always, please. Also, Southern Gothic!

**Also, please, a book with witches (bonus points if they are witches of color/witches doing witchy things in a non-European/North American space), in the vein of Brunonia Barry or Libba Bray (for fiction). Non-fiction is also welcome!

**I’ve also been looking for a kickass historical set in New Orleans (magical realism/voodoo welcome); would love to have a new book on Marie Laveau out in the world.

In terms of nonfiction, I’m on the hunt for female-driven historical narrative nonfiction or a smart nonfiction project that deals with contemporary issues or discussions.

In general, I’m looking for character-driven stories that make you think (or re-think) and provide a different perspective on what we think we know.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

  • Do send your query letter via email, and include the full query in the body of the email, not as an attachment.
  • Do include a writing sample of the first 25 pages of your manuscript (or the closest chapter break) in the body of the email below your query letter.
  • Do proofread carefully and double-space your writing sample.
  • Do be sure to query only one agent at this agency. We will not review queries sent to more than one of us.
  • Do resend your query email if you haven’t heard from us in 8 weeks, noting the date previously sent. Our goal is to read and respond to every query in that time frame.

Guidelines & Details

Vital Info

Agent, Editor
Fiction: Family Saga, Fantasy, General, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Women’s Fiction
Non-Fiction: Biography, History, Journalism, Pop Culture, Psychology, Science

Favorite sub-genres: Contemporary Romance, Diversity, Domestic Suspense, Feminism, Gothic Horror, Narrative Nonfiction, Neo-Victorian, Social Issues, Upmarket Women's Fiction
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My favorites include…

Books that I’ve been a recent evangelist for:

  • HER BODY & OTHER PARTIES by Carmen Maria Machado
  • BARBED WIRE HEART by Tess Sharpe
  • The Victoria Speedwell historical mystery series by Deanna Raybourn
  • anything Tana French & Clare Mackintosh

You can find what I’m currently reading here.

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