Jess Dallow

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My Manuscript Wish List®

I represent Adult across multiple genres.

What I’m always looking for:
  • BIPOC and queer creators
  • Stories that highlight Jewish traditions
  • Lived experiences
  • Women’s Fiction / Book Club Fiction / Romance
What I’m NOT looking for:
  • Picture books
  • Board books
  • Middle grade
  • YA (at this time, although that can possibly change down the line)
  • Mobs, spies, mafia, drug mules, military, government conspiracies, or cartel stories
  • War novels
  • Fantasy or sci-fi
  • Novellas, Short Stories, Poetry
  • Music books. No bands. (But someone playing an instrument is fine!)
  • Vampires
  • Anything historical before the 60s.
  • Literary fiction
  • Covid novels
  • Reality show books
More specifically, I am looking for:
  • LGBTQ romances (Would really really love a Bi or sapphic relationship)
  • Small town romances. Something like Virgin River, Hart of Dixie, or Sweet Home Alabama. (Please note, I am not looking for books that take place in a small town UNLESS it’s a romance)
  • Books that aren’t black and white. There’s so much gray to the world and I love when there’s no clear cut right or wrong. (This would mostly be found in book club fiction, ala Jodi Picoult)
  • Wish fulfillment books.
  • Romantic suspense
  • Domestic suspense
  • Psychological thrillers
  • Serial killers (or children of)
  • Books that feature a Jewish protagonist. I’d love to see how traditions play into the novel (but do not want the book to be about religion).

Fun facts about me:

  • I was an intern on The Young and the Restless the summer before my senior year of college. I spent most of my time hanging out in dressing rooms and taking pictures on set.
  • In my spare time, I am a cat sitter
  • I majored in screenwriting and I spent my childhood wanting to write for soap operas.
  • I wrote fanfiction for Days of our Lives, Law and Order: SVU, Castle, and The Good Wife for many many years (but never all at once).

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to


  • Send all queries to with “QUERY: [Project Title/Agent Querying]” in the subject line.
  • Email should include a query letter, a full synopsis, and your first chapter, pasted into the email (NO attachments please)
  • All manuscripts must be completed. Please do not send queries for projects that have not yet been completed.
  • Please only send a query for new manuscripts. I don’t represent manuscripts that have been self-published or published by a smaller press.
  • Please send your submission through e-mail ONLY (no social media, snail mail, etc.)

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