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Hola! I’m Amy Acosta, a passionate and creative Latina living in the middle of the Caribbean with 3 cats and way too many books. I’m actively looking for queer YA and NA/Adult diversity-rich speculative fiction stories that contain unlikely casts, big families (related or found), personalities that stand out, worlds struggling with social change/climate issues/inexplicable events, high-stakes adventures, underdogs rising to the occasion, smart and witty voices, and LGBTQ+ rep across the rainbow.

These are the top 3 genres I’d love to work on for 2023-2024, but note that all of these must have queer romance as part of the main plot.

FANTASY: high-concept epicness with pop culture comps (ex. Hunger Games meets Demolition Man), amazing yet realistic worldbuilding, queer magical warriors like She-Ra, dragons/royalty but settings other than medieval-ish, flawed or collapsing magic systems

SCIFI: first contact, getting lost in space (maybe not finding a robot but a dragon), going against oppressive organizations, regular queer people rising to leaders, discovery of objects that change the course of history, both humanoid and non-humanoid queer aliens

PARANORMAL: queer everyday monsters (vampires giving yoga classes, a shy tiger shifter barista, etc) uncommon shifters (beyond wolves/cats), every day magic (witch with a plant shop and some of them are alive and not exactly legal, merman gets contracted to be lifeguard at movie set and the movie star drowns a bit too often/on purpose, etc)

…Did I mention queer?

I’m ready to work collaboratively on the many ideas that often swim in my brain. If you are an established or new author open to collaborative experiences, have the discipline and drive to get published, and have something that fits with my mswl, send it over!


Genres I never work with: Horror, Thrillers, Mystery, Magical Realism, Time Travel, Religious, and Women’s Fiction.

Fun facts about me:

I believe that love has no boundaries, that representation matters, that strawberry smoothies are liquid happiness, and that spaceships are very cool. One of my main goals is to help LGBTQIA+ and POC voices become mainstream and bring diversity into the publishing world.

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