Lauren Appleton

Lauren Appleton

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My Manuscript Wish List

I’m looking for books that will change people’s lives, whether that’s through learning something new about yourself or the world, picking up a fun new hobby, or even just by making you laugh. Even better–if you have a project that does more than one of those things, I’d LOVE to see it. My favorite projects are projects with an “and.” Self-help AND humor. Inspiration AND creativity. Business AND psychology. Mix and match those, and you’ll get a good idea of what I’m interested in.

I’m also interested in blog-to-books, interactive books, and books by illustrators. On the side of slightly more words, I’m looking for pop-psychology and pop-science (by “pop” I really mean not overly academic but with credentials to back up your claims).


Books I’ve been really pleased to work on:

Men & Cats–possibly the best thing I’ve ever been paid to do

1 Page at a Time–interactive, illustrated, and with a wonderful endearing voice

Start Where You Are–same as above, but with the added benefit of being absolutely beautiful to look at

Whose Mind Is It Anyway–easy-to-swallow mindfulness that is relatable and spot-on

Empathy–timely and so so important

Wired to Create–creativity AND psychology/science, a great combination


Things I’m not looking for: fiction, narrative non-fiction, memoir, biography

Fun facts about me:

I’m a raging Celtics fan, I love to cook and make my own ice cream, I have two cats, I’ve lost friends playing Monopoly

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Vital Info

Non-Fiction: Crafts/DIY, Humor, Pop Culture, Psychology, Science

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