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Heather Stewart

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I’m looking for Science Fiction and Fantasy with POC and LGBTQ main characters from underrepresented populations. I want diverse characters to be part of the plot, but without their diversity being the focus of the plot. Smart, determined characters with strong voices and sharp dialogue are my favorite. I want characters with big personalities, but are still real enough to remind the reader of people they actually know.

For all speculative fiction I want bright, vivid worlds that make me want to visit—or avoid completely. I would really love to see space operas, sweeping high fantasy, and stories that take me out of modern America and put me in a different place/time.

I’d really like to see a well-researched historical fiction featuring lesser known queens or female rulers from the distant past.

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Fiction: Fantasy, Historical, LGBTQ, New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult

Favorite sub-genres: Contemporary Romance, Contemporary YA, Diversity, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Magical Realism, Multicultural, Soft Fantasy, Space Opera, Speculative Fiction
I’d like the next…

World Without End, Vanity Fair, Adored.

The Dune series, a wide-swept soft sci-fi story with powerful female characters.

The Grand Tour series by Ben Bova


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