Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith

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My Manuscript Wish List

At the top of my MSWL is a great YA thriller in the vein of AU REVOIR CRAZY EUROPEAN CHICK by Joe Schreiber or something gritty like FRIDAY NEVER LEAVING by  Vikki Wakefield. I’m a huge reader of authors like Brenna Yovanoff, Holly Black and Jonathan Mayberry and would love a YA in a similar style.

I’m also dying for a funny diverse cast in an MG like PICKLE by Kim Baker. Anything having to do with magical realism in MG or YA is also always something I’m looking for, especially with the literary feel Anne Ursu’s writing has.

For PBs I’m on the lookout for more author/illustrators w/a knack for illustrating diverse characters as well as quirky stories.

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Danielle is only accepting unsolicited queries that are a fit for her #MSWL interests.

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Fiction: Children's, Middle Grade, Picture Books, Young Adult

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